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White Paper

Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.

White Paper


4 SquareBiz is an integrated infrastructure builder of advanced block chain transaction systems for the top four largest global industry verticals that exist in the world today.

Mission Statement

With a view to leveling the playing field, it is the goal of 4 SquareBiz to enable commerce to flourish in every country in the world community. 4 SquareBiz will achieve this objective by offering a dynamic array of branded products and services that will capture large segments of business with an ever-expanding base of consumers.

Vision Statement

In the current rapidly-changing environment, new technologies and innovations have spawned a number of disparate approaches to effective commerce worldwide. The vision of 4 SquareBiz is to become the recognized leader in versatile blockchain payment processing and fulfillment for traditional banking and cryptocurrencies on a global scale. It is the objective of ITS and its blockchain peer to peer exchange 4 SquareBiz to launch its proprietary transaction processing and fulfillment system globally, creating technology bridges which will make the various systems more compatible with one another and the ITS platform in real time."

About Us

4SquareBiz (4SB) is a subsidiary of Intellitranz Transaction Systems (ITS), a global payment logistics company utilizing block chain technology for transaction enablement and payment fulfillment processing. Our company’s leadership experience in ecommerce dates back twenty-four years. ITS pioneered in conjunction with Arthur Anderson purchase and privacy assurance guarantee for the Internet a year before credit card companies joined the initiative to offer similar protection services to businesses and consumers utilizing the web. We are now bringing that purchase and privacy assurance to Blockchain transactions. A select group of institutional partners, i.e. trade platforms and international global banking infrastructure providers, have been invited to participate as our core early-in investors. Their participation will serve a dual purpose. They will assist 4SB in creating the financial infrastructure needed to launch initial block chain operations. Secondly, they will be incorporated into 4SB’s initial customer base. These value-added relationships have created an ultimate blockchain financial matrix opportunity of great importance. These four verticals when running concurrently will be able to jointly transact utilizing a multi-scale capability that few others can achieve which further differentiates us from our blockchain competitors. The four square biz quantum transaction hubs will be sequentially deployed. We anticipate a three month developmental time-frame needed in order to bring the company’s four verticals to full operating capacity. 4 SquareBiz utilizes a combination of e-Commerce and proprietary artificial intelligence continuous steaming technology. This allows us to create a block chain transaction that can operate multiple peer to peer transaction exchanges in real time. Our coin offerings will be stabilized by technology and hard assets, as well as, fiat assets. 4 SquareBiz Chairman and founder of Intellitranz Transaction Systems (ITS, Keith Crews, states candidly “Anything that can be bought or sold online, on a cellphone, at a cash register, or at a kiosk, can be purchased in real time via block chain formulation. Through our system you will be able to buy pharmaceutical prescriptions, pay for medical procedures, obtain insurance policies, make bank loans, buy and sell real estate, or purchase vehicles within our block chain environment.


Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment. These multi-transaction enablement verticals will be designed to stand alone as blockchain hubs that function as revenue generating technology assets. They will all adhere to the guidelines and profiles that fit our fourfold business acquisition model. 1. Revenue generators. 2. Explosive Market Penetration 3. Low Operational Cost. 4. Twenty Four Month Merger & Acquisition or Initial Public Offering Candidates. The end result is a replicable business model that follows a success formula based on revenue generation = Coin Valuation = Valued Added STO & IPO Trading Valued Added Trading. The 4 SquareBiz quantum transaction hubs are organized in a sequence of deployment based upon capitalization returns. These value added relationships have created an ultimate blockchain financial matrix opportunity. These four global ecommerce verticals will run concurrently to differentiate us from our blockchain competitors by utilizing a multi-scale capability that few others can achieve. Below in order of rollout ae the four industry verticals to be operational in 2019.

Medical– 4 SquareBiz Medical Platform featuring the RX1 Coin is the most RWA of our four verticals with expansion opportunities into One Hundred Twenty Countries that have extended welcoming overtures to one of our key Medical Technology companies. A second Medical Technology Company has already received contracts for three hundred thousand digital diagnostic scans from one nation that wants its entire population of One Hundred Million to receive the medical diagnostic scan for tuberculosis. No less than a dozen innovative ground breaking medical technologies including medical insurance will be infused into the RX1 Coin.

Banking– – 4 SquareBiz Banking Portal is actually a multifaceted blockchain portal of payment processing and transaction enablement hub procedures representing a multitude of fully transparent transactions peer 2 peer in real time. This platform activity level will focus on the largest payment processing industries including the previously mentioned sectors as well a manufacturing, real estate and automobile financing, bank certificates, surety bonds, and other tradable banking assets including tax credits and real estate. 4 SquareBiz has partnered with key enablement providers at a central bank level that will allow the necessary tools to open both fiat and crypto currency accounts in global markets in Europe, Middle East, and Asia and Africa. More details will be provided at the financial sector below. We will also be featuring tokenizing investments of our assets, businesses, and real estate that are incorporated in our blockchain platform.

Energy– The 4 Square Biz Energy platform is a combination of renewable energy innovation and traditional energy provisioning. However, a cost justification will be injected due to our blockchain grouping purchasing discount factors. These savings will be predicated on state of the art technologies that will transform landscape providers into the most efficient and technology laden next gen providers. LIFI which is 10,000 times faster than WIFI will be one of our primary power sources to generate the level of transaction capability that will be needed to support the global power for our payment processing and payment fulfillment requirements.

Lifestyle Fulfillment– 4 Square Biz’s goal is simply stated in our platform’s name. We want to provide a degree of lifestyle that provides a greater sense of satisfaction in life activities. Our platform will enable the user to play harder, enjoy longer, and sustain the things in life that give them a greater sense of satisfaction. As part of our value added features incorporated in the LSF vertical will be an array of Apps that are connective in nature to build app or smart phone communities that conduct ecommerce enabled lifestyles. This is another sector that allows token investments.


The Global business development Industry is demanding fin-tech solutions that accelerate their growth projections. The Company intends to use fin-tech block chain technologies to accomplish these goals. we will offer our expertise to investment and trading organizations including asset management firms, hedge funds, stock indexes and pension fund organizations. 4 SquareBiz will also create a diamond/gold/oil/fiat backed crypto cuency bank and joint venture with other crypto cuency banks to issue multiple crypto currencies (e.g., Rx1, described below) to support a fast-growing institutional fin-tech focused investment companies. The development of smart cities is a governmental focused business growth agenda that we have been asked to assist in government business development. These smart cities will be primary in developing countries that recognize that their future is depended on developing growth capabilities that enhance their country net worth. 4 SquareBiz is near completion of a smart city prototype that will showcase an array of advanced technologies that can be utilized in the smart city development process. Dignitaries in the designated counties will be visiting our prototype model over the next three months. 4 SquareBiz will be opening a Blockchain Block land Hub in the Atlanta, GA region to develop advanced blockchain technologies in which to identify and create joint venture opportunities to advance our global transaction and payment fulfillment agenda.


The 4SquareBbiz quantum transaction hubs (verticals) may be sequentially deployed. We anticipate a twelve to twenty-four month developmental time-frame in which to bring the company’s four verticals to full operating capacity. 4SquareBiz plans to utilize a combination of e-Commerce and proprietary artificial intelligence continuous steaming technology. This will allow us to create a block chain transaction that can operate multiple peer to peer transaction exchanges in real time. Our coin offerings will be stabilized by being backed by technology and hard assets, as well as fiat assets.


Four Square Biz Quantum business approach is to strive to establish a multiple-plex business infrastructure that mimics the popular truthism expressed when the Roman Empire was at its pinnacle as the most powerful country in the world. “All Roads Lead to Rome” We have the capability with our unique value added growth model Revenue Generation + Coin Valuation = Profit Maximum model to replicate that quote. .

Financial Matrix

Institutional investors, including trade platforms and global banking infrastructure providers from every major banking center in the world are aware of some of the emerging trends, and some are early-in participants. Their participation will serve a dual purpose to 4 SquareBiz. As these financial movers and shakers become more interested and more knowledgeable in the blockchain and “token” industry, they will provide the financial infrastructure needed to launch initial blockchain operations. They will also, eventually, be incorporated into 4 SquareBiz’s payment processing and customer acquisition/retention solutions. Our financial goal is to raise over $500,000 Million Dollars/Euro’s over the next twelve months.


As stated in our Four Square Biz Brand Identity 4 SquareBiz plans to be the corner stone of global blockchain business transaction development.