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Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.



The Global business development Industry is demanding fin-tech solutions that accelerate their growth projections. The Company intends to use fin-tech block chain technologies to accomplish these goals. we will offer our expertise to investment and trading organizations including asset management firms, hedge funds, stock indexes and pension fund organizations. 4 SquareBiz will also create a diamond/gold/oil/fiat backed crypto cuency bank and joint venture with other crypto banks to issue multiple crypto currencies (e.g., Rx1, described below) to support a fast-growing institutional fin-tech focused investment companies.

The development of smart cities is a governmental focused business growth agenda that we have been asked to assist in government business development. These smart cities will be primary in developing countries that recognize that their future is depended on developing growth capabilities that enhance their country net worth.

4 SquareBiz is near completion of a smart city prototype that will showcase an array of advanced technologies that can be utilized in the smart city development process. Dignitaries in the designated counties will be visiting our prototype model over the next three months.

4 SquareBiz will be opening a Blockchain Block land Hub in the Atlanta, GA region to develop advanced blockchain technologies in which to identify and create joint venture opportunities to advance our global transaction and payment fulfillment agenda.


The 4SquareBbiz quantum transaction hubs (verticals) may be sequentially deployed. We anticipate a twelve to twenty-four month developmental time-frame in which to bring the company’s four verticals to full operating capacity.

4SquareBiz plans to utilize a combination of e-Commerce and proprietary artificial intelligence continuous steaming technology. This will allow us to create a block chain transaction that can operate multiple peer to peer transaction exchanges in real time. Our coin offerings will be stabilized by being backed by technology and hard assets, as well as fiat assets.

Atlanta land block project