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Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.

Medical Technology RX1


Medical Technology Backed Asset RX1*

4 SquareBiz have decided to invest in approximately a dozen medical technology companies that will form our initial medical blockchain technology asset pool. These companies will be under the 4 SquareBiz Medical Holding Group (MMHG) delivering a full comportment of revenue generating technologies by the end of January 2019. Projected Accelerator Companies

The following are a list of companies that are targets for investment


The company specializes in the emerging stem cell research arena related to therapy, clinical study management, and FDA regulations. They have contacts in Dubai, China, Austria, and Brazil.

  • Stem cell embedded regeneration processes
  • Pain management stem cell treatment centers

Solar Ear is a revolutionary hearing aid that CEO Howard Weinstein has clearly stated that “we use a bottom up approach when we innovate. It is our workers who are deaf, who invented the first rechargeable hearing aid, and the first solar charger. They have been awarded The Tech Award, The World Technology Network Award, and the Verizon Health Innovation Award.” Mr. Weinstein is a world-renowned leader in Ashoka, which is a non-profit organization with a worldwide reach. Solar Ear has letters from 120 countries to introduce Mr. Weinstein’s newest technology using the smart phone for deaf people. All of these countries’ social networks will market the product.


All-In-One Medical Image Analysis

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2015, more than 10 million people fell ill with TB COMMA and 1.8 million died from the disease. It is important to note that Chest X-rays (CXR) play a crucial role in TB diagnosis, especially in the case of pulmonary TB (PTB), which is one of the most common forms of TB. Although CXRs do not provide absolute truth for confirming TB, they still offer a high sensitivity method for detecting TB-related abnormalities in the lungs. (scars, opacities, pleural effusions, etc.) In addition, since CXRs provide a low-cost, rapid examination even in remote settings, it has been recognized as a powerful screening test for TB, especially in areas and populations with higher disease incidences

While the cost of acquiring a CXR has become much more affordable, the interpretation of CXR scans continues to be limited by cost and access to trained radiologists. Hence, there are many patients that get diagnosed too late to be treated for their symptoms using conventional TB antibiotics.

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide. An estimated 85% of the 415 million diabetic patients will develop DR. Fundus images play a crucial role in DR diagnosis, especially since 95% of cases are treatable, if identified early by a specialist. In addition, since fundus cameras provide a low cost, rapid examination, even in remote settings, it has been recognized as a powerful screening test for DR, especially in areas and populations with higher disease incidence. While the cost of acquiring a CXR has become much more affordable, the interpretations of fundus images of many patients are obtained too late for delivering effective treatment to their systems.



aCARDIOz disruptive technology far exceeds the simple activity trackers available on the smart market today and provides the visual tracking tools to achieve better health through education and lifestyle improvements. aCARDIOz early detection is achieved by utilizing a FDA approved pulse oximeter and the client’s own mobile devices for on-the-go proactive individuals.

aCARDIOz technology is a non-invasive measurement of cardiovascular pulse waveforms and other critical cardiovascular data. The pulse wave is the arterial pressure change that originates from the pulse and transmits through an artery. The information reflects the functional efficiency and status of the cardiovascular circulation

aCARDIOz displays the PTG & APG waveforms, quantifies the elastic index of the Large, Small & Peripheral arteries, SpO2 %, left ventricle ejection time in milliseconds, body mass index & pulse rate. The results are summarized in your personal apHitz, a single number from 1-100 calculated in 1.00 % increments, that you can trend over time to track improvements in your cardiovascular health.

Nearly 5 million Americans are currently living with CHF and approximately 550,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. The annual incidence of CHF is approaching 10 per 1,000 populations, after Medicare eligible age (65).Heart failure is responsible for 11 million physician visits and1,000,000 hospitalizations each year, which is more than all forms of cancer combined. In 2012, eestimated expenditures in the U.S. for CHF was $34 billion, equivalent to more than 10% of the total health expenditure for cardiovascular diseases. Projections are still more alarming, because total costs are expected to increase by 127% by 2030.


Xin Vivo

Xin Vivo is a company developing 3D X-ray imaging medical devices featuring a carbon nanotube X-ray source developed at UNC-Chapel Hill. Standard X-ray is limited due to the size of and the heat generated by the X-ray tube. This new, patented technology allows the X-rays to be generated from an array of miniature nanotube sources which can be arranged in a small space. With an arc composed of these tiny X-ray generators, a 3D image can be produced with standard software. This technique is called tomosynthesis (Tomo), and is currently deployed using traditional X-ray tubes in 3D mammography.

The first of a series of Tomo products featuring the nanotubes may be a 3D dental X-ray. The device produces a composite 3D image that the dentist can review to see caries (cavities) that cannot be seen in the standard 2D X-rays now taken in the typical dental office. Early studies indicate that dentists will detect at least 33% more caries using 3D, increasing their revenues as most of those findings will require intervention. With an existing installed base of 150,000 2D X-ray machines in the US, the company expects to replace as many as half of the installed units in the next six years. By that time, the 2D methods may be considered archaic.The technology also lends itself to a complete rethinking of CT scanners. The first efforts into that market may be a mini-CT for orthopedic use. There are also plans to use the nanotubes for heart imaging, improved breast imaging and other specialized devices where 3D would present an advantage.


LifeSource Health, Inc. is a health data access company that delivers vital digital patient data across the caregiver spectrum. Its premier product "AtTheScene™" provides essential health information to physicians, clinics and first responders quickly, accurately, and securely on all common digital platforms (Windows, iOS, Android).

The Company delivers to medical providers the essential medical information they require via a certified, secure mobile platform. The information includes the most vital information necessary to prevent medical error: current medications, allergies, most recent medical visits and so on. The data is delivered in less than one minute on any mobile device, in a clear, readable and easily understood format. The software is HIPAA compliant and received its Federal Certification of Electronic Health Technology (CEHRT) by Drummond in March 2017.

The premise of the Company’s product offering is that it will reduce the number of medical errors. Approximately 250,000 deaths yearly are attributable to medical error, and the financial cost of errors is estimated to exceed $18 Billion annually. If the errors can be reduced by 10% through better information, the resulting direct savings would approach $2 Billion.

LifeSource provides the data to the medical provider based on a charge per use. Using a SaaS model, the Company estimates that a half billion in revenues can be reached from usage by first providers (e.g. EMTs), Emergency Departments, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and independent physician practices. Plans exist to bring the service to dental clinics, police and fire units, the military, and the VA hospital system.

As an example, there are now ongoing discussions with rural hospital systems to facilitate access to stored digital medical records when the provider is not connected to the hospital information system.

ED Ring

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition occurring when a man has difficulty getting and maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. Causes may be due to an underlying health condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis, weak blood vessels leading to the penis, high cholesterol and substance abuse, or the cause may be psychological. Numerous prescription drugs are available for treatment. The penis ring is a therapeutic device which is effective for maintenance of a male penile erection attained by natural or other means among men with venous leakage. The ring restricts venous flow from the penis for a period of time without causing complete occlusion of arterial blood flow and, in turn, possibly damaging the organ. There are many so called rings on the market, but they simply do not work.

The shipped package contains two rings which can accommodate the total range of penis size throughout the world. The product can be used for at least 6 months. It is easy to clean with soap and water. It has been medically tested and FDA approved. The ED Ring is ready for marketing, with proper corporate structure and financing in place.

EFA Acceptance Intl.

EFA is a medical device marketing company responsible for the engineering of a prototype soft tissue diagnostic device to be implemented nationwide for commercial and government contract services. This soft tissue diagnostic system has already been accepted by both insurance companies and fortune 500 corporations that have their own internal health care programs and has been successfully validated by federal decree rendered by federal court rulings.