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Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.

Lifestyle Fulfillment


4 SquareBiz (4 SquareBiz) (4squaredbiz.com) Lifestyle Fulfillment Vertical is, by nature, the most prolific of the four-plex block chain of the four global industry verticals. It is the largest array of sub verticals operated by 4 SquareBiz’s Lifestyle Fulfillment. Each of the following sub-categories represents trillion dollar industries that are in dire need of reconciling data in order to complete business transactions. In the aforementioned global market enterprises, this can be extremely costly. 4Square Biz utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary block chain innovation that creates an environment that sees everything, knows everything, and documents everything in real time transmission flow sequences. 4 SquareBiz CEO, Keith Crews, who is a former founder of Intellitranz Transaction Systems, state’s, “Anything that can be bought or sold online, on a cellphone, at a cash register, or at a kiosk, can be purchased in real time via block chain formulation.” Some of the industry verticals represented in the Lifestyle fulfillment subcategory is entertainment, sports, education, humanitarian/nonprofits, music, films, social media, and network marketing. Below are a few examples of some of the brands that may be represented in our Lifestyle Fulfillment Vertical.

Smart Grid Communications

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10 K Communications is a state of the art communications app and smart device company that among other innovations includes medical diagnostic smart devices, social media ecommerce devises and smart contract apps and a multi crypto currency device under development.




Project Overview: A subscription based video-on-demand service that provides delivery of stored digital media (movies, television, and music) and digital rights management for external digital media. The project will consist of three phases, outlined below. Startup of each phase is contingent upon completion and approval of the previous phase.

Flash Flixs Theater in the Cloud

Subscription Options

Premium View Viewer Choice Basic View
Premium First View Content International Viewing Content Baskic View Content
Major Studio Releases Custom View Packages Build your own View Packages
$24.99 Monthly Subscription $19.99 Monthly Subscription Pay per View Premium Content
25 Gigabite Content 20 Gigabite Content $12.99 Monthly Subscription
Repository Repository 10 Gigabite Repository



Upstaged is a multimedia reality show that allows global exposure for the artists that participate in this challenge centric winner-takes-all program where the participants are only as safe as their last victory. Winners can be toppled off their throne by a more talented competitor who walks to the stage.

Home Delivery

Its clear meal delivery service companies have found a niche. How big is this business? Statistics portal Statista says meal kits generated $1 billion in revenue worldwide in 2015 and will hit $10 billion by 2020. Packaged Facts put meal kit revenue at $5 billion last year. Data analytics company Nielsen, released data in March that showed 9% of U.S. consumers, or 10.5 million households, bought a meal kit in the prior six months. Another 25% of consumers, or 30.1 million households, said they would consider trying one in the next six months.

Eden Munchies Natural Snack Foods

“The Best of the Garden”
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BIG BULA BROWNIES Are the World’s Best Brownies!!! Enough Said

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Big Bula Brownies are densely moist brownies that are so delicious that no one can eat just one. Hot or cold or just warm and inviting these brownies bring smiles and satisfaction with every bite. Premium nuts and premium ingredients go into our just can’t eat just one brownie but don’t take our word try them yourself.




The Valentines Dessert Emporium is a Dessert Cafe located in Vinings District of Atlanta. The restaurant features a full menu of decadent desserts, coffees, cappuccinos, and other beverages influenced by great pastry and dessert chefs and based upon time honored recipes from around the world. The cafe section of The Valentines Dessert Emporium features a coffeehouse with a dessert bar, gift bar and flower bars. The Valentines Dessert Emporium will be owned and operated by The Valentines Dessert Emporium LLC, a Georgia liability corporation managed by Blitz Ventures LLC.

Humanitarian Causes



Does All Lives Matter (DALM) – is a humanitarian based project centric non-profit organization whose agenda is to create media productions to generate fund raising for domestic and international campaigns around the world. Our goal is to create a sustainable brand in a self-propagating manner that circles the globe promoting its ”Let’s Come Together” agenda to every race, kindred, and creed in a universal seeking theme “Does All Lives Matter”. DALM will target 50 or more countries in an effort to improve the lives of their citizens by supplying them technology advanced infrastructures that establish and support their basic daily needs. However, DALM is not limited to basic needs programs, but also educational and grass roots business and employment empowerment for those who want to stabilize their lives for generations to come. DALM will also assist in disaster and medical relief when natural and manmade disasters occur.



Color Me Christian (CMC) Race & Religion Training Seminar CMC seeks to stimulate dialogue among Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindu’s, Whites, and other ethnic based cultures around the world. The crux of this movement is to make a difference by first recognizing there are both a problem and a solution. Once you have gained that insight. One must activate the God switch that our creator installed in every one of us to demonstrate service and compassion.



Big Break Media Inc. (BBMI) is a specialty entertainment company that produces and markets specialty entertainment programming for broadcast radio, satellite radio, Internet, television network, and cable television programming. BBMI was organized in Georgia in 4th quarter 2018. The Company’s mission is to provide entertainment services and media placement for its products and services. Its product verticals in sequential order of development are Big Break Radio, Big Break ITV, Big Break Entertainment and Big Break Live. The Company is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mission Objective

Our goal is to create strong branded products and services that capture large segments of consumers in this multi-billion dollar industry. The Company’s primary responsibility is marketing and selling media products including advertising, licensing, and sponsorships for our talent competition productions. Additional lucrative streams of income may be generated by the fan based products and services featuring our artists and media services. Our consumers may be sourced from promotions and talent contests generated by broadcast, satellite radio, mobile communications, and Internet consumer portals. The company is focused on developing a national audience base of listeners in its initial and second year seasons beginning in 2nd quarter 2019. The Company will subsequently undertake a rollout of its products and services in domestic and international markets by the third year of operations. BBMI’s product positioning is uniquely suited for the new delivery mechanism of the classic talent search format. Everyone is now familiar with the phenomenon known as American Idol. What most folks don’t know is that as an unproven entertainment concept, the pilot was turned down by every major network programmer except Fox who reluctantly picked it up because of previous ties to the producers of the show. American Idol has made over a billion dollars since its first season according to Industry Bible Variety and now charges 1.3 million dollars per 30 seconds of advertising. Their annual income exceeds five hundred million dollars. The show has mega sponsors like; Ford motor company and Coca Cola. Cingular is now lining up to pay handsomely for the privilege of accessing the Idol money train.



The founders of Yazoo Music have a collective vision of wanting to become the world’s largest music portal over the next three years. This projection is based on an innovative global subscriber acquisition model. Yazoo Music has set a goal to have one million aspiring recording artists, song writers, and producers from twenty five global music hot spots within that timeframe. Yazoo Music will also offer incentives for existing entertainment service providers and listeners to align themselves under the Yazoo banner. In essence, Yazoo Music may be an Internet based music cooperative that addresses the needs of the global musical community in a fashion that has never been fully realized. Yazoo Music is the embodiment of a uniquely “do it yourself” (DIY) approach to music that establishes and connects music communities around the globe in a manner that produces breakthrough opportunities for artists. This may be accomplished by providing them with the most comprehensive and technological infrastructure in existent. Yazoo Music will provide a stage to singers and musicians in order for them to showcase their music on a global perspective and not be held hostage by industry insiders or by a single country perspective. Yazoo Music will enable super stars to be discovered from obscure and remote places as readily as from known music conclaves by initiating its global strategy of establishing 25 geographically placed music hot zones around the world. Central to Yazoo Music’s success may be its secret sauce to entice music appreciators of all genres to assist in the discovery process of finding the latest and greatest talents as a reward for their listening and viewing attentiveness. Yazoo Music is a membership community that establishes a working relationship between music listeners, recording artists, and professional service providers within the framework of the community to fulfill community needs. Fan appreciation, legal representation, publishing, concerts, radio promotion, artist management, copyright, or record label representation can all be facilitated under one roof. Yazoo Music will incorporate the latest technologies and web based social media capabilities that most other social media groups enjoy. The major exception may be that Yazoo Music intends to be exclusively music oriented. Yazoo Music will offer its members a variety of interactive features and professional services. Including the following: Yazoo Music Services & Features

  • Online Downloads of Yazoo artist’s media products
  • Concert Streaming
  • Internet & Conventional Radio Placement Services
  • Artist Development Services
  • Legal Services
  • Talent Search Competition
  • Internet Marketing and Street Marketing Support
  • Music Tracking Services
  • Digital Storefront Merchandizing
  • Record Label Development
  • Copy Right Protection
  • Publishing Services
  • Business Management Services
  • Concert Promotions & Tour Bookings

Network Marketing

Yawma Direct Marketing

(Under development)

From Amway to Yawma the world of network marketing has become a global distribution industry grossing over 200 billion dollar yearly. Our approach is to not compete but give Network marketers the advantage of allowing part of their compensation to be paid out in crypto currency that Yawma provides the digital wallets that mine additional coins that we collectively profit share from the digital dividends. Yawma also has the ability to mine/source new clients into the existing MLM using our AI bots to seek compatible profiles ideal for networking prospects.



RUFFLIFE™ is all about perseverance, resilience, and discipline. Everything you desire in life, whether it is happiness or financial freedom, requires dedication. During your journey while smashing your goals, you'll have doubters. It's inevitable. But what separates the w Inners from losers and everybody else is the ability to acknowledge those struggles, accept that failures will come, but to realize failure can be a format to success. Each time you fail, you learn what not to do! So you’re one step closer than everyone else who only watches you fail. Just remember this: NEVER FOLD, because if you do, you’ll NEVER know what you’re really capable of. Sports ABA Gaming


The American Basketball Association (ABA) is a men’s professional basketball league. It has grown to become the largest professional sports league in the world! In 1999 Joe Newman and Richard P. Tinkham founded the league. It is the re-launch of the original ABA which merged with the NBA in 1976. Tinkham co-founded both the original ABA and the Indiana Pacers. Joe Newman was the CEO of Joe Newman Advertising, Inc. and Alliance Broadcasting Group, Inc. The ABA was established in 1967 and merged with the National Basketball Association in 1976 [New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, and Denver Nuggets]. Some of the ABA notable players where: Julius Irving (Dr. J), George Gervin (The Iceman), Ricky Barry, Moses Malone, and many others that came to be NBA players. The ABA was reformed in 2000 in partnership with the NBA and has been operating in harmony for the past 16 years.


• The ABA season runs from November through April (including playoffs). • Teams are community driven, with a focus on giving back something to the people. • The ABA has unique rules which allow for a faster pace which leads to higher scoring and more exciting events. o Guard driven league results in 48 minutes of high paced action o Half-Court violation: the ABA is 7 seconds opposed to 8 seconds in the NBA to get across the half-court line. If an ABA team is not successful in getting over the half-court line within 7 seconds it results in a turnover which initiates the 3D light o When the 3D Light is on: 2 pt. shots = 3 pts. | 3 pt. shots = 4 pts. | half-court shot = 5 pts. o (6) Six Fouls leads to a technical foul and forfeiture of the ball | a player in the ABA cannot foul out of the game, but after six fouls it results in a technical and the opposing team gets the ball. The team that has the player with six fouls has the choice to keep that player in the game or take him out due to the fact that if he fouls again they would receive not only the foul but also a technical foul. • The ABA has two conferences. The BLUE conference is made up of teams that play 20 or more games during the regular season. Being in this conference means a team is allowed to compete in the playoffs and championship. • The RED conference is made up of teams that play 19 games or less during the regular season. The RED conference allows teams to grow at their own pace and to move up to the BLUE conference to compete in the playoffs and championships. * The executive committee can vote a RED conference team to compete in the playoff’s due to unforeseen circumstances. • Rumors are the WABA may be starting in the summer season of 2017-2018 with at least four teams in each region. The growth rate is expected to double by year two. 4 Square Biz has negotiated a substantial equity ownership with the top hierarchy of the ABA corporate board.