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Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.

Energy Technology


4SquareBiz’s management’s value added experience of decades of analyzing renewable energy and traditional energy innovations has been instrumental in queuing up companies that are both energy and cost saving enterprises that have a global footprint and extremely important in our coin proliferating model.

4 SquareBiz Energy, Vertical shall be the repository for a number of operating companies. Our products include environment reclamation and refuse treatment technology to process garbage, sewage, water and environmentally friendly “green” drilling mud. We will also be using down the hole drilling technics to extract oil from capped drilling wells to market oil from these wells to refineries for conventional fuels and bio-fuels.

4 SquareBiz is initiating an acceptable central bank protocol that aligns itself with both fiat banking procedures and crypto currency banking payment processing and payment fulfillment procedures. Our goal is to be an industry leader of emerging banking modalities in the global banking arena. An example of the systems e ae implementing ae listed below.

Domestic Oil & Gas Markets: In the shale oil and gas sector, 4 SquareBiz will operate in mature shale plays such as the Marcellus in Pennsylvania, Eagle Ford in Texas, Bakkens in North Dakota, and the Utica in Ohio, as well as, emerging plays such as the Mississippian in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, The Green River basin in Colorado, The Tuscaloosa Shale in Alabama and Louisiana may be targeted in the near future.

Bio-fuels markets is in both domestic and emerging nations with an established agricultural crop suitable for providing cellulose feed stock. In this market we expect the clients will located in the public sector. Our approach may be to identify funding sources and assist the client in obtaining the requisite capital to implement a project.

The Future is now

4 SquareBiz Energy has selected technologies that support the corporate philosophy of stewardship of the earth. Such as the use of “green” technologies that promote water treatment, reclamation, and reuse. We have an experienced environmental engineer and regulatory specialist to head our compliance activities. The 4 SquareBiz Energy management team has demonstrated the ability to coordinate team action through a diverse group of personalities and circumstances. Our strengths lie in management, technology development, and client service.

Traditional Energy Market Goals are to introduce innovative technologies to the shale oil, gas, and oil industries, including bio-fuels, which will redefine the state of the art. The innovative technologies include:

  • Ground water development;
  • Portable drilling equipment;
  • Product water and drilling mud reclamation;
  • Down-hole welding, cutting, and plugging
  • Oil well restoration.

4 SquareBiz already has these technologies available. Our methods to place these technologies in the field are described in the section of this Business Plan entitled The Market.

Bio-Energy Goals are to provide support services that will set a new standard for convenience and rapid response for the industry. These services include:

  • Green Earth Friendly Waste Removal & Disposal Facilities;
  • Water supply reclamation;
  • Modular power plants
  • Agricultural based bio-fuels development.
Operational Companies A brief overview of the potential 4 SquareBiz operating companies is presented below.

Clean Air Technology


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Clean-Air Filtration System is designed with the single Purpose of helping to reduce particulate matter from manufacturing plants around the world. The capacity of the system varies in size, based upon the room available. The System is designed to connect to the chimney's exhaust attaching into the Avent, as the air flows through, the Water factorization system, it exits through the B vent. Entry A may be Connected directly to the source of the pollution (roof/chimney). While the air flows through, the particulate matter gets trapped into the Intercept- tor, and then transfers all pollution into the contamination intercept-tor. This system runs on solar, wind and electrical energy the water tank is filled with recyclable water that is caught from the roof of your building and flows to a reserve water tank. The volume of water can be measured by the size of the interceptor, the larger the interceptor the larger the tank. The system can be filled by tap water or any other form of fresh water source. The three motors are designed to help push the air flow through the system, from entry and out to exit B. The Clean-Air Filtration System, without the chimneys, can be placed into parks, dumps, on top of buildings and various other places where there is heavy pollution.




Global Greenology (GG) is a privately-owned global manufacturing and design company specializing in environmentally friendly, energy efficient building solutions. The Future is very bright for Global Greenology, it includes a fully functional manufacturing plant, designed to produce eco-friendly building materials and green products from recycled waste paper and plastic. In addition, GG is poised to produce and install LED lighting and LIFI technology all. Since the introduction of mobile technologies over 30 years ago, wireless communications have evolved into a utility like water and electricity, fundamental to the socio-economic growth of modern society. To support the ever-growing demand of mobile communications, cellular networks have had to evolve from simple local service providers to massively complex cooperative systems. The exponential growth in demand for wireless data is outpacing the supply of current and emerging wireless networks. It is predicted that within the next 3-5 years, the global demand for data may be nearly twice the amount of data supplied via traditional wireless communications. So far, additional frequency spectra and denser cell sites are being allocated to answer this challenge, but these short-term solutions will only delay the inevitable spectrum crunch. In addition, up to 70 per cent of the wireless data demand is coming from indoor locations, which are currently being served by Wi-Fi APs and femto-cellular communications. Optical Wireless data transfer also known as LIFI is the future of wireless communication and was established in 2011 by creator Harald Haas. This new internet streaming method utilizes visible light waves from the semi-conductive nature of LED light bulbs. LIFI is unique in that the same light energy used for illumination may also be captured by specialized equipment and used for communication. LIFI refers specifically to technology that is high-speed, bidirectional, and networked. The use of visible light for communication provides certain advantages to radio frequency communication, this technology sends information through both infra-red and ultra-violet waves created by the LED bulb at a rate of 790 THz, 10,000 times faster than traditional WIFI internet speeds. We have also identified the basis for a comprehensive alternative energy package interfacing agriculture with bio-fuel production. Camelina has been found to be an easily grown and excellent feedstock for bio-fuel synthesis. Site-specific research may be required to maximize seed yield production for each project. The bio-fuel production system will need to be adjusted to meet local climate conditions. The costs for this research would be included in funding applications

Regulatory & Renewable Energy


The 4 SquareBiz’s corporate philosophy is based on innovation in both the conventional energy and in alternative energy fields. We have recruited best-of-breed technology companies with truly unique products. In the conventional energy field, we have acquired best of industry technology and incorporated these technologies into a comprehensive oil field service package. We believe that in a fast moving industry, we must either grow or wither. In anticipation of continued innovation, we have designated $50,000,000 to new product development and existing technology refinements.

Water Conservation

Water is a significant concern worldwide as consumable water is diminishing at a rate that is both alarming and bears tragic consequences if it becomes unavailable to the populace that depends on its availability. Further, the influx of diminishing of drinking water creates a significant domestic water demand. In arid and semiarid regions the competition for water area residents and existing commercial users is becoming an issue. 4 SquareBiz has the ability to reduce water demand and to provide water sources, as follows:


Bead is a hydrogeology company that utilizes one of a kind mapping technology that can locate underground water sources to provide fresh water for drinking and industrial applications worldwide. Depending on location, Bead may use 4 SquareBiz’s drillers or hire a local drilling company. Depending on quality and intend use, the water may require treatment. Water storage, pumping and distribution piping may also be required.

4 SquareBiz Fuels trades fuels produced by others, refines fuels, and produces bio-fuels. The fuel trading is a brokerage and does not require handling the fuel products. Fuel refining requires cracking, storage, and distribution. Bio-fuel production has an agricultural element to produce the biomass to be converted to fuel, a conversion process, and a refining process. The local farming community usually performs the agricultural process by growing a biomass crop such as camilina. The refining of bio-fuels is similar to that for conventional fuels.

Agricultural Community Support

It is a given that oil and gas exploration and development is occurring in these communities. The methods and equipment that 4 SquareBiz is using greatly reduce the environmental consequences of the current industry standard practices. In addition we are developing micro enterprises within the communities that serve to foster entrepreneurship and build sustainable infrastructures. 4 SquareBiz will introduce ways for bio crop systems to create revenue centers within the local community. We promote employment from skilled and unskilled laborers, technicians, teachers, engineers, and scientists. Through Hu4 SquareBiz we extend a helping hand to undeveloped and underdeveloped communities.

Helegrow Vertical Farming Systems


No matter how you foresee the future, it will always involve the consumption of food. It’s a simple formula. You eat, you live. You don’t eat, you die. However, the formula that states this simple truth is based on several factors; including global warming, environmental pollution, disappearing water supplies, and toxic waste build up. Planet earth may not be able to sustain a growing population of eight billion people in the near future. An estimated 2 billion people will die from hunger over the next 30 years if something is not done to address the deteriorating situation. Helegrow Vertical Farming System is one of the few solutions that can provide a remedy to prevent this crisis from happening through their innovative vegetable farming system. Fresh food is only one part of the equation when it comes to benefits of vertical farming. The amount of air pollution we dump into our atmosphere on a daily basis from transporting foods not grown locally is enormous. Also to be considered is the race to deliver fresh foods to local grocery stores. These essential products must make an attractive presentation for the consumer. The pressure to have foods in consumable condition upon arrival at the point of purchase has forced the introduction of premature ripening, colorization by chemicals or simply offering "ugly foods" to consumers. We can win this race against ripening and ugly food by employing the “HIPS” method: