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Our initial focus will be in the following trillion dollar industry sectors; Healthcare, Banking, Energy, and Lifestyle Fulfillment.

4SquareBiz Financial Holdings


Time is critical in the global banking industry to adapt to the blockchain ability to move money in a seamless manner and transact in a multitude of diverse modalities. Those who transition properly will take market share from slow movers and will greatly benefit from the emerging disruptive and multifaceted capabilities. In light of this need, 4 SquareBiz realizes there may be banking infrastructures that will stay mired in the fear of the unknown. New banking operators will quickly strive to replace the dinosaurs unable or unwilling to make the transition. Our ability to provide “one-stop-shopping” for our clients, through joint venture partnerships with these new banking providers and crypto trading platforms, will expedite transactional processes in a manner in which traditional fiat banking institutions may be unable to compete.

Many developing nations, who traditionally have lacked the economic and political assets base upon which to increase valuation of their existing fiat currencies, will now be able to initiate a crypto currency alternative that is tied to their natural resources. This will improve their national capabilities to monetize their resources. By providing sovereign nations the transaction processing capabilities a block chain technology can provide that is consistent with an established economic base of that government, we believe that industrial and commercial growth will set them on the road to economic recovery.

4 SquareBiz is initiating an acceptable central bank protocol that aligns itself with both fiat banking procedures and crypto currency banking payment processing and payment fulfillment procedures. Our goal is to be an industry leader of emerging banking modalities in the global banking arena. An example of the systems e ae implementing ae listed below.

1. Real-time gross settlement (RTGS)

In RTGS systems payment transactions are not subject to any waiting period, each transaction is settled as soon as it is processed on a one-to-one basis without bundling or netting with any other transactions and once processed payments are final and irrevocable. RTGS systems are typically used for high-value transactions that require and receive immediate clearing.

The first RTGS system was the US Fedwire system which launched in 1970 and was based on a previous method of transferring funds electronically between US Federal Reserve Banks via telegraph.

Most RTGS systems today are operated by central banks and do not require physical exchange of money. The central bank makes adjustments in the electronic accounts of Bank A and Bank B, reducing the balance in Bank A's account by the amount in question and increasing the balance of Bank B's account by the same amount.

2. Digital Currency Systems

A software company providing: Automated Teller systems; Check Cashing Software; Pay-by-debit support; Bill Payment Software; Prepaid Debit Card Products; Prepaid Phone Products, as well as packaged systems for grocery stores and other merchants. The company also has a system that allows merchants to sell Bitcoins.

3. Cryptocurrency Payment Systems & Lite Currency Payment Systems

The growth of Cryptocurrencies today is constrained by a limited of number uses, market volatility and inconvenient payment infrastructure —they will only become mainstream when they become easy to use like credit and debit cards. Until then they will remain primarily a method of storing funds rather than an actively used currency. Many retail outlets that previously accepted Bitcoin have reversed course referring to high commissions and slow transaction processing as well as volatility, which is a major concern of al merchants.

Many organizations and companies are developing Cryptocurrency Payment systems. One company is developing a system that will allow businesses to accept cryptocurrency Visa debit cards. The company intends to overcome the volatility problem by instantly converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies with a small commission of 1% per transaction.

Most important, it gives the buyer the ability to see transparent reviews from past transactions on the chain. In a decentralized system like Monetha, every player in the ecosystem will be held to a higher degree of accountability. This makes the overall system more secure, as the power is decentralized, rather than put into the hands of a single entity.

5. AllianceLite2

Communication, utilizing SWIFT, is provided with financial institutions’ manual and automated flows. Alliance Lite2 is for corporations, banks, and investment managers who want all the benefits of a cloud-based solution and prefer a direct SWIFT connection to their counterparties – whether that’s for processing 10,000 messages a day or a few transactions per month.

Using SWIFT for financial communications enables you to reach more than 10,800 financial institutions worldwide, benefiting from standardized messaging for payments, account statements, trade, foreign exchange, securities, investment funds and more. You can also combine multiple streams into a single channel, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Built, hosted and operated by SWIFT, Alliance Lite2 has been designed to suit the varying cloud connectivity needs of SWIFT customers. It can be used for manual and automated message exchange with additional options such as back-office integration to make the SWIFT Community Cloud a truly end-to-end solution.




Imagine a coin that represents all the natural resources of Africa infused into it by pledges from 54 government leaders comprising most of the governments of Africa. It would open up unimaginable lines of credit and securitized transactions that ensure payments and timelines are met and are guaranteed in the Global commodities market.Such a conglomerate would give national banks in Africa a conduit ability to monetize and receive credit enhancement, issue Visa/MasterCard’s, and to establish non-predatory loan programs for infrastructure build out for the populace.

Hence the AFRO coin
  • African
  • Financial
  • Restitution
  • Organization

Auto Crypto

Auto Crypto may be an auto financing lender focused on providing auto loans to our members who can actually take crypto purchasing capability on the road. Auto Crypto will offer the latest makes and models to a world-wide base of new or used car buyers without the shortcomings involved in the process of car buying. Through our instant financing we may be able to shorten the car buying experience with vehicles being delivered door to door the next day or picked up on site at specified dealership locations.

Fiat/USD/ Crypto Platform Trading


Capital Acquisition Partners is a crypto & fiat trading platform that is backed by gold, silver, nickel-copper, and oil. Capital Acquisition Partners Is an organization of capital wise entrepreneurs and venture partners. With over 40 years of experience in both specialized and major industry verticals, few organizations have the hands-on experience of vetting new technologies and the relationships to maximize their earning potential with the combination of crypto and fiat currency.

Once we have set up the blockchain infrastructure, CAP will bring RWA transactions consisting of a multitude of different types of currencies that traditionally have been stalemated by cumbersome processes.



4 SquareBiz Crypto Estates may be one of the first major real estate firms providing one stop shopping for interested buyers and sellers of real estate properties on a world-wide basis. Property can be selected, appraised, and sold by a team of professionals that are dedicated to the task at hand. We provide direct approval online in as little as minutes and hours, not days or weeks. Whether you are looking for a private island estate or a mountain getaway we can handle the order.


Future global market place investing will most likely occur in a manner that supersedes any of the antiquated procedures that require client A seated across client B with an attorney in the middle of the transaction. This, however, does not negate the security and peace of mind that come when a real deal is presented in a ready, willing, and able manner.

Another illustration of dissatisfaction in the market place is seen in the torturous process of acquiring a loan in an environment where the lender controls all of the approval buttons. What if you could accomplish coop funding with a host of interested investors or lenders making micro loans or investments? Each of them takes a small share percentage of ownership with gold backed or fiat backed crypto cogency?

The same results would apply to franchises and individually owned businesses or startups as this going tend will become the future for angel investors and other savvy investors. 4 SquareBiz will be a primary mover and shaker in this emerging field of financing